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From reviews, to discounts, to informational articles, this site will provide you all the information you’ll ever need to know about the world’s top digital pianos.

Why Digital Pianos?

Digital pianos offer a variety of benefits over traditional acoustic pianos.

Digital Pianos Are Cheaper

Digital pianos are significantly cheaper than their acoustic counterparts, allowing you to spend all of that extra money on accessories, lessons and other goodies!

Digital Pianos Do Not Need Tuning

If you’ve ever owned an acoustic piano, you know how much of a hassle tuning them can be. Not only does it take a long time, it costs a lot of money to have it done if you aren’t tuning it yourself. Worst of all, acoustic pianos have to be tuned regularly in order to stay sounding good. This simply isn’t the case with digital pianos, which will always stay in tune and remain sounding perfect for life!

Digital Pianos Have Many Additional Features

Digital pianos have many extra features, such as extra tones and voices, some of which may sound better for specific styles of music. Many digital pianos also allow you to plug in headphones for disturbance free playing, or give you the ability to record music straight to your computer.

See more benefits of digital pianos. 

Choosing The Best Digital Piano For You

I am a firm believer that everyone has the perfect digital piano in mind, even though they may not have discovered it yet. This will depend greatly on what type of music you want to play, and how you plan on using your piano. Because we provide in-depth reviews for so many different digital pianos out on the market, you may consider looking at multiple pianos on this website before ultimately making your decision.

Just remember, there is a digital piano that is perfect for you. It’s your job to find it, and we’re happy to help.

Where To Start

Digital Piano Reviews is structured in a way that anyone can use.Begin hopping to the various sections of this site by clicking the buttons at the top of this page. You can also use the search bar on the top-right of this page to find information on specific pianos or accessories.

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Name:Price:FeaturesOur Review:Purchase
Yamaha P105

Yamaha P105

$599.99 (40% off!)88 weighted GHS Action Keys
128-note Polophony
Built in drum machine, accompanist.
Many different voices.
MIDI in/out
And many more!
Yamaha P105 Review View The Yamaha P105 On Amazon
Casio PX850
Casio PX850
$1,09988 weighted, scalled hammer action keys
256 note polophony
Looks and sounds incredible
Many voices
Tuning control
Midi In/Out
And many more!
Casio Px850 Review! View The Casio PX850 On Amazon!
Williams AllegroWilliams Allegro$300 (25% off!)Weighted Keys
Built In Metronome
Pitch Bender
And Many More!
Williams Allegro ReviewView The Williams Allegro On Amazon!
Yamaha P35
Yamaha P35
$445 (11% off!)88 Graded Hammer Action Weighted Keys
'Duo Mode'
Extremely Lightweight (36 Pounds!)
Yamaha P35 ReviewView The Yamaha P35 On Amazon!
Yamaha ARIUS YDP-V240
Yamaha Arius YDP-V240
$1,999 (26% off!)131 Voices + 361 XGlite Voices + 12 Kits; 160 styles; 30 preset songs
6 Track Recorder
88 Graded Hammer Standard weighted-action keys.
And many more!
Yamaha ARIUS YDP-V240 ReviewView The Yamaha ARIUS YDP-V240 on Amazon!

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