8 Benefits Of Learning The Piano

Learning any musical instrument has a multitude of benefits. However, learning the piano has even more benefits than a lot of instruments, simply because it uses more parts of the body and is a bit harder to play and master. Here are some benefits of learning the piano, one of the world’s finest instruments. 

1. The Piano Can Be Used For Any Genre Of Music

Unlike most instruments, the piano sounds great with almost any genre of music. While most people think of the piano as an instrument primarily used for classical music, this is simply no longer the case. Today, the piano is used for a variety of additional genres ranging from heavy rap to psychedelic rock. In fact, the piano was a favored instrument of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who used the instrument often in a lot of the later Beatles tracks.

2. Playing The Piano Stimulates All Areas Of The Brain

Effects Of Playing An Instrument On The Brain

Research has proven that playing an instrument such as the piano stimulates more areas of the brain than almost anything else, including other forms of art. This is likely also the reason why people who play musical instruments do better in school, especially in math and science. For this reason, it’s encouraged for children to learn to play the piano, due to the numerous development benefits piano playing has on growing children’s minds. 

3. It Teaches Hand Coordination

Playing the piano is tough. You have to hit all of the right notes in a chord for it to sound good, and you usually have to do this without looking. On top of that, you often have to play two completely different rhythms, one on each hand. This does wonders in improving your hand coordination, which will naturally get better as you play more and more. Having good hand coordination assists in many other tasks outside of playing piano as well.

4. Playing The Piano Promotes Creativity

Practicing any form of art promotes creativity, and playing the piano is no exception. Studies have shown that people who play piano, even just as hobby, naturally become more creative thinkers and better problem solvers. Increased creativity also makes you a better writer.

5. Provides Great Entertainment

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of playing piano is that it provides great entertainment. Playing the piano is a lot of fun, and it’s a lot of fun to listen to as well. After all, if it wasn’t fun, why would people be doing it? If you get good enough, perhaps you’ll even be able to make money entertaining others at a local party or event.

6. Playing The Piano Boosts Confidence

As previously mentioned, playing the piano is tough. When you able to set goals, improve, and meet those goals, you feel very satisfied, and the confidence in your own ability grows. This is absolutely true with playing piano, which has infinite room to improve. Players also grow largely in confidence when playing in front of other people, or learning some of their favorite songs.

7. Playing The Piano Is Relaxing

Playing the piano is a great stress reliever, making it a great way to wind down after a tough day of work. In fact, studies have shown that playing the piano is able to reduce stress and anxiety at the chemical level – causing it to relax you without you even realize it. Best of all, playing piano is a lot cheaper than therapy! 

8. Makes It Easy To Switch To Another Instrument Later

Piano is a great first instrument for anyone of any skill level. It utilizes both the bass and treble clef, and introduces you to the majority of musical terms along with music theory, some of which isn’t even used in most other instruments. Therefore, by learning piano first, it will be incredibly easy to switch to other instruments later, as you’ll already know how to read the music for them. This is partly the reason why so many great musicians play piano – once you get the hardest instrument down, the rest are easy.

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