Best Side Tables For Piano Players

While owning a side table isn’t an absolute necessity for most piano players, they sure can come in a lot of handy. Not only do they provide a space for you to store your music, they also give you a place to set additional equipment as well. This can include anything from headphones, to your laptop when using your piano’s MIDI function. While you may not realize it now, having a side table for your piano will make playing a lot more comfortable and convenient.

Here are the best side tables for piano players. 

5. Ikea Lack Side Table


First up and lowest on the list is the Ikea Lack Side Table. Being the cheapest table on the list, it also has the least amount of functionality. It’s simply a table without all the extra bells and whistles that other side tables on this list will provide, but will provide a solid option for holding your music and accessories on a very cheap budget. Those willing to spend a bit more probably should, to avoid having to buy a nicer side table later on. However, for the frugal shopper, the Ikea Lack Side Table is a great choice.


 4. Crown Mark Piece Chair Side Table


Next we have the slightly more expensive Crown Mark Piece Chair Side Table. As you can see in the picture, this side table has an additional area below the table to store sheet music and other accessories. While this is certainly convenient, it still isn’t the best option simply because it’s so open. Paper can be blown around by a breeze, or be knocked over easily if the table is bumped. Still, if you’re careful this won’t be a problem. This Crown Mark side table is available in a variety of different colors, allowing you to choose which ever one works best with your piano.

 3. Winson Wood End Table

Side Table

The Winson Wood end table is a very popular choice among pianists because it provides a good number of features into a relatively cheap price. The table features both an extra stand towards the bottom which is great for holding headphones, along with a drawer providing a safe place to store all of your sheet music. Similar to the Crown Mark side table, the Winson Wood table is available in many different colors including black, white, and antique walnut, assuring you that you’ll find the right color to match your piano.

 2. Crown Mark Dempsey Side Table


Stepping it up a notch, we have the Crown Mark Dempsey side table. This side table has two designated drawers for storing your music and accessories, while also having another shelve higher up to store other things. While some users reported the build quality of this table is rather low, Crown Mark has been stepping it up in recent times to ensure all of their customers are satisfied. The table is a bit pricey, but it will be well worth the extra cost in the end. However, you may consider looking at the #1 table on our list, as it’s only a few dollars more expensive than this one.


1. Sauder Carson Forge Smartcenter Side Table


Finally, we have the Sauder Carson Forge Smartcenter side table. In terms of quality and functionality, this is as good as it gets in this price range. While being the most expensive table on the list, it’s well worth the extra cost if you’re looking for a high quality table that will last you many, many years. Pianists love this table because it provides a huge amount of space to store whatever you’d like – I personally store my sheet music in the top shelf, and keep my headphones, extra pedals, and MIDI cable in the bottom one. This has been my number one recommendation for years now, and everyone who’s purchased it has loved it. The convenience of having access to everything you’d need while playing piano without having to even get up is incredible.


Regardless of your choice, you’ll quickly find that having a side table to store your belongings will completely transform the way you play piano. I never really appreciated the convenience of having one until I was forced to go without it. Let me say, it makes a world of difference! To view and potentially purchase any of the tables mentioned in the article, simply click on the table name in blue and you’ll be able to view it on Amazon. Happy shopping, and I hope you enjoy your new side table!

Which table do you like best on this list, and why? I’d love to hear your responses in the comments!

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