8 Benefits Of Learning The Piano

Learning any musical instrument has a multitude of benefits. However, learning the piano has even more benefits than a lot of instruments, simply because it uses more parts of the body and is a bit harder to play and master. Here are some benefits of learning the piano, one of the world’s finest instruments.  [Read more…]

How To Care For Your Digital Piano

Digital pianos are expensive. For that reason, they’re certainly something you would want to last for as long as possible. After all, why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you’ll just have to do it again in a few years? Fortunately, there are several things you can do that will ensure your digital piano lasts as long as possible. Here are five tips on caring for your digital piano.  [Read more…]

The Benefits Of Digital Pianos

Quick advancements in technology has completely changed every aspect of our lives. This is no different for piano players, who now have access to incredible digital pianos that sound better than they ever had before. Many people believe that these advancements have caused digital pianos to become even better than acoustic pianos, and I would have to agree. Here are some of the benefits that digital pianos have over traditional, acoustic pianos.

1. They Sound Almost As Good

Ten years ago, if you said that to an acoustic piano player that digital pianos could match the sound of a real acoustic, they would laugh in your face. Today, the statement would be completely true. Sound quality is the most important aspect of all pianos, and the fact of the matter is, many digital pianos sound just as good if not better than most acoustic pianos.

2. They Have A Variety Of Different Sounds

Unlike acoustic pianos, digital pianos have a variety of different sounds or voices that they can produce. For example, the Yamaha P105 has voices ranging from different piano styles, to a pipe organ, to a full string symphony. All these different voices allow you to play many more different genres of music, by choosing the voice that fits your style best. This simply isn’t possible on an acoustic piano – you’re stuck with what you get.

3. Digital Pianos Are Smaller

Take a look at some of the world’s best acoustic pianos. These enormous grand pianos take up a ton of space, and are not ordeal for most people’s homes. They also weigh hundreds of pounds, making transporting them around an extremely difficult task, which often results in the acoustic pianos becoming out of tune. This is a lot harder than carrying around a digital piano, which is usually light enough for one person to carry around comfortably.

4. Digital Pianos Will Never Go Out Of Tune

Tuning an acoustic piano sucks. Not only does it take a lot of time, it costs a ton of money to hire someone to do it. With the amount of money you save not having to tune your digital piano, you can buy some nice accessories or enroll in classes.

5. Digital Pianos Can Be As Quiet Or Loud As You Want Them To Be

Playing an acoustic piano quietly is impossible. With a digital piano, it’s as easy as plugging in a pair of headphones. No longer will you be forced to only play when it’s convenient for everyone else. This also makes it a great option for young children, who may wish to play while you yearn for peace and quiet.

Additionally, you can plug in a digital piano to an external speaker or amplifier to play as loud as you want.

6. Record And Analyze Your Performances

Many digital pianos feature the ability to record your songs straight onto the piano. This will allow you to replay and analyze your performances, allowing you to recognize areas you did well in and work on areas that gave you trouble. The ability to record also will help you save your next masterpiece next time you’re simply messing around on the piano.

It’s also incredibly easy to transfer these recordings to the computer, or record straight to your computer into software such as Garageband.

7. Digital Pianos Are Cheaper

Here’s the cream of the crop – digital pianos are generally cheaper than acoustic pianos. Despite the fact that they have so many more benefits and features, digital pianos are cheaper to make, thus, they are cheaper for us consumers as well. As mentioned earlier, you can use all this extra money you save buying a digital piano to purchase accessories or piano lessons!

There are even more benefits to playing digital pianos, but these have got to be some of the most notable! Got any others? Post them below!