Best Side Tables For Piano Players

While owning a side table isn’t an absolute necessity for most piano players, they sure can come in a lot of handy. Not only do they provide a space for you to store your music, they also give you a place to set additional equipment as well. This can include anything from headphones, to your laptop when using your piano’s MIDI function. While you may not realize it now, having a side table for your piano will make playing a lot more comfortable and convenient.

Here are the best side tables for piano players.  [Read more…]

Best Digital Pianos Under $1000

One of the great things about digital pianos is that they vary in price so greatly. For families with lower budgets, there are great digital pianos even as low as $500. For those with more money, certain digital pianos can fetch thousands of dollars and come packed with thousands of features. In this article, we are going to cover the price bracket of under $1000, as this is the standard budget most people aim for when choosing a solid digital piano. Here are the five best digital pianos for under $1000.  [Read more…]