Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano Review

Korg SP170s Digital Piano

When people look for a good digital piano, they typically look at a few things. First of all, they want to make sure it’s designed well – some value the appearance of the piano just as much as its sound! However, more importantly, most people look for a digital piano that has a good piano sound, and feels similar to an acoustic piano.

Let’s see how the Korg SP170s compares to other digital pianos in its price range. Here is our review on the Korg SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano.


The Korg SP170s has a simple, minimalist design which will suit most households nicely. The piano has the option to come in three different colors, black, white, and red.  The SP170s features only a few buttons, making it simple for anyone to use and navigate, especially young children. This makes the piano ideal for young children looking to have a piano to practice on, while also providing a nice looking addition to your home.

The piano is fairly light, weighing in at around 26.5 pounds. This means it only requires one person to carry and transport the piano, which is good if you will have the need to move your piano around.

Feel Of The Piano

While the look of the Korg SP170s is nice, the piano really shines when you place your fingers on it and start playing. Korg clearly prioritized the feel of the piano when creating the SP170s, and it really shows. Not only do the 88 weighted keys feel natural, they feel almost exactly like an acoustic piano.

In terms of build quality, Korg lives up to its name. Korg is well known in the industry for producing top quality digital pianos, and they didn’t disappoint with the SP170S. The build material is tough and feels like it could survive some drops or falls (not that we’d advise testing that out!). This is a huge plus, who would want their piano to break shortly after getting it, right?

Sound Of The Korg SP170s

The fact that the SP170s doesn’t have a lot of extra bells and whistles really allows Korg to perfect its feel and sound. Korg was able to sample a surprisingly good sound for such a cheap digital piano. After all, the piano’s sound is its most important aspect of all. Here’s a a sound sample of the Korg SP170s.

Of course, the video doesn’t really do the piano any justice, as it sounds much better in person. If possible, consider heading to a local music store which has the Korg SP170s and playing around on it for a while. If you are unable to for whatever reason, I can promise you that you won’t be left disappointed if you order it online. I was honestly shocked to see that such a (relatively) cheap digital piano could sound so good and feel so great.

Additional Features

The Korg SP170s has many additional features, including, but not limited to:

Dual Headphone Input

The Korg SP170s has two headphone inputs, allowing two people to listen and practice at once without disrupting the household. This makes it great for people looking to take lessons with an instructor without causing a bunch of noise.

Reverb And Chorus Effects

Reverb effects at spaciousness and depth to the sound, while chorus brightens the tone and makes the piano sound warmer.

10 Voices

Despite having only a few buttons, the Korg SP170s has 10 built in voices, ranging from multiple acoustic pianos, to electric pianos, organs, strings, and even harpsichord. These voices are toggled from the piano’s ‘Sound’ button.

Midi Out

MIDI support makes it easy to connect your digital piano to your computer for use in software such as Synthesia or Garageband. Music producers will love this feature, as it essentially allows the piano to act as an 88-key MIDI controller!

Korg SP170s Specs

Size: 51.65″ × 12.8″ × 5.67″

Weight: 26.45 Pounds

Keys: 88, Natural Weighted Hammer Action

Polyphony: 120

Preset Songs: 10 (one for each voice)

Number of Voices: 10

Speakers: 5cm Oval x 2; Bass Reflex housing, 9W x 2

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The feel and sound of the Korg SP170s makes it ideal for someone looking to transition to an acoustic piano later on, while also being a suitable option for the performing pianist needing an easy piano to carry around. Those who are looking for a long term investment may consider getting a bit nicer piano (See: Best Digital Pianos Under $1000). However, the Korg SP170s is still a great option and is certainly one of the best digital pianos in its price range.

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