Yamaha P105 88-Key Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P105 Digital Piano

It was never going to be easy for Yamaha to upgrade the P-95. After all, how could you possibly improve upon something that’s already so great? How would you be able to improve upon a digital piano that was so ahead of its time, while still keeping the price low?

Somehow Yamaha has managed to do exactly that. The Yamaha P105 digital piano has been drastically improved over its predecessor, and is currently one of the top selling digital pianos on the market. Whether you’re a beginner looking for their first digital piano, or a performer looking for a light piano to carry around with you for performances, the Yamaha P105 is guaranteed to serve you well. Here is our review on the Yamaha P105 Digital Piano. 


Yamaha P105 With L85 Stand

Before you even lay your hands on the Yamaha P105, you’ll notice right away that it looks incredibly sleek and professional. This is especially true if you keep the piano inside of the L85 Stand Yamaha designed specifically for their P series of digital pianos. The Yamaha P105 is available in two different color schemes, black and white. I personally prefer the black model, as I feel the contrast from the red stripe running along the top of the keys offsets the black more nicely. Whichever would be best for you will be completely down to personal preference, as both look incredibly well polished and beautiful to look at it.

The P105 is one of Yamaha’s lightest digital pianos yet, weighing just over 25 pounds. This makes it incredibly easy to transport, which is why it has quickly become one of the most popular digital pianos for performing musicians around the world. It can easily be carried with only one hand, which is a rarity for digital pianos which usually tend to be much heavier.

Feel Of The Piano

The closer a digital piano can get to feeling like an acoustic, the better. Those who are used to playing acoustic will find the Yamaha P105 feels very natural. The Yamaha P105 uses 88 graded hammer action keys. This means that the lower keys of the piano will feel heavier, while the higher keys will feel lighter. This is identical to the way the keys would feel on an acoustic piano, which is useful if you transfer between the two. Most instructor’s will only recommend playing on digital pianos that have weighted keys similar to that of the P105.

Sound Of The Yamaha P105

As we know, the most important aspect of any digital piano is the way it sounds. The Yamaha P105’s notes are sampled from the company’s world renowned CFIII concert grand. The notes sound incredibly full and powerful, and the vast improvement the P105 has over its predecessor definitely shows. Yamaha claims that no digital piano at this price point delivers recordings from such a high-end instrument, and they most certainly are correct.

Unfortunately, the Yamaha P105’s built-in speakers don’t do them any justice. While the speakers are still very high quality, the Yamaha P105’s beautiful sounds really show when you’re using a great pair of headphones, or plug it into an external amplifier or speaker. Of course, if you are using the Yamaha P105 for performance purposes, you’ll already have it plugged into an amplifier anyway.

Additional Features Of The Yamaha P105

One of the great things about digital pianos is that they tend to come with a lot of extra features to make your user experience even better. The Yamaha P105 has many extra features, including, but not limited to:

14 Voices

A multitude of different voices will allow you to play all sorts of different types of music. These voices range from different sounding pianos, to voices such as a pipe organ, harpsichord, or even a string symphony.

Built In Drum Machine + Metronome

The Yamaha P105 features a built in drum machine, which can play a wide variety of different beats. This works wonders for creating your own songs, practicing keeping in rhythm, and exploring alternative styles of music.

Aux + USB Out

The Yamaha P105 is simple to connect to your computer or other external machines or amplifiers. This makes it incredibly easy to use the piano with various pieces of computer software, including Garageband and Synthesia.

Built In Recording

Ever mess around and create something that sounds good? The Yamaha P105 makes it easy to remember and save your new creations, as it has the capability to record straight from the piano, without the use of any external software. It may help you create the world’s next masterpiece!

Yamaha P-105 Specs

Width 52 3/16″
Height 6 7/16″
Depth 11 5/8″
Weight 25.7 lbs.
Number Of Keys: 88
Weighted: Yes, Graded Hammer Standard
Polyphony: 128
Number Of Voices: 14
Preset Songs: 64
Speakers: 12cm x 2 + 5cm x 2 (7W x 2)

See What Others Are Saying…

As of today, there are 59 reviews for the Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano on Amazon. These reviews show that the P105 is one of the top digital pianos for people of any experience level, and people tend to enjoy the P105 more than its main competitors.

I’ve been a professional musician for many years and have played, and owned, many digital pianos. In my opinion, the Yamaha P-105 is the best bang-for-the-buck digital piano available right now at this price point, for a number of reasons…” (read more)

“I am mostly a keyboard player but I play weighted keys at church and have experience playing real pianos. I must say, Yamaha finally…” (read more)


In conclusion, the Yamaha P105 is one of the best digital pianos you can buy for under $1000. It is a huge improvement over its predecessor, and is a solid choice for anyone, regardless of skill level. It’s rare that a high quality digital piano like the P105 comes along with such a low price, but Yamaha has managed to do it again.

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