Yamaha P35 88-Key Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P35 88-Key Digital Piano
Let’s stop for a moment and think about what makes a great digital piano great. Is it the sound quality? The features that separate it from other digital pianos in its price range? The feel or design of the piano?

While all of these are great to have individually, a piano can only be considered top-class when it has all of these things in one. The Yamaha P35 does exactly that, combining many great aspects into an amazing digital piano (for its price). Here is our review on the Yamaha P35 88-Key digital piano. 


The design of the Yamaha P35 digital piano is very similar to the other pianos in Yamaha’s P series. The piano design is elegant, even moreso when combined with the L-85 stand designed Yamaha designed specifically for it. Having only two buttons, the design is very simple which makes it very easy to use for beginners and children.

Yamaha P35 Digital PianoIt’s also quite easy to carry it around, as the piano only weighs 25 pounds. This is a huge advantage if you plan on carrying the piano around to different places, or are using it performances. Its light weight means it can be carried easily with only one hand, so you can avoid the hassle of gathering extra people or making multiple trips to carry it around.

Unlike many other of Yamaha’s digital pianos, the P35 is only available in black. This is unfortunate, as Yamaha’s white pianos often look very nice as well. Still, most people prefer black anyway so this isn’t a huge problem. After all, the colors don’t effect the way the sound plays.

Feel Of The Piano

Like many other of Yamaha’s digital pianos, the P35 uses graded hammer technology to provide an accurate feel of the keys. The weight of the keys feels very similar to an acoustic piano, with the lower keys being heavier than the higher ones.

While playing the keys will feel similar to playing on an acoustic piano, the feeling of them doesn’t. The keys are have a very ‘plasticy’ and sort of fake feeling to them, although this isn’t enough to bother most people.

It’s also worth noting that the Yamaha P35 only has support for the sustain pedal – no others. While this won’t affect most people (who would only use the one pedal anyway), advanced users will be limited and have to make due without damper pedals. People who require damper pedals may be interested in taking a look at the slightly more expensive P105.

Sound Of The Yamaha P35

Despite that, the sound quality of the P35 really shines. After all, this is the most important aspect of a digital piano, and the one you should pay the most attention to. The P35 uses Yamaha’s “advanced wave memory” sampling to use recordings that match the sound of a real acoustic piano. The sound of the P35 sounds incredibly full, as it uses two pairs of waveforms that were captured with multiple microphones. You can hear a sample of the Yamaha P35 digital piano by watching the video below.

As you can see, the P35’s high quality sound will be great for any genre of music you may be playing. Of course, the sound is improved even further when plugged into an external amplifier, or while using a pair of high quality headphones.

Additional Features

The Yamaha P35 has several notable features worth mentioning.

Duo Mode

The Yamaha P35 has the ability to split the keys into two sections, making it easier for you and another person to play a duet with only one piano. This really comes in handy if you’re playing in groups, as you’ll only have to carry one piano around and it’ll save electricity as well.

Auto Shutoff

Speaking of saving power, the Yamaha P35 automatically turns off if it hasn’t been used for a while. This can save you money in the long run, as people often get distracted and get up from the piano, forget about it, and then waste electricity as it sits on all day. This isn’t an issue with the P35.

10 Voices

The Yamaha P35 features 10 different voices. These include 2 different pianos, 2 organs, 2 electric pianos, 2 harpsichords, one string voice and one vibraphone. All of these sound great and will definitely come in handy as you explore different types of music.

Touch Sensitive Sustain Pedal

Rather than the sustain pedal being simply on or off, the pedal is touch-sensitive meaning it will respond to different levels of pressure.

MIDI Support

Midi support makes the piano easy to connect to a computer for use in software such as Garageband or Synthesia.


Yamaha P35 Specs

Size: 58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 inches

Weight: 25 Pounds

Keys: 88, Graded Hammer Action

Polyphony: 32

Preset Songs: 20

Number Of Voices: 10

Speakers: 12cm x 2, 6W each. 

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In conclusion, the Yamaha P35 is a solid choice for people on a budget looking to pick up a good digital piano. However, because it only allows support for one pedal, we can only recommend this piano to beginners. Advanced players or performers, or people who want a digital piano that they won’t outgrow as they get better may consider the slightly more expensive Yamaha P105, which is better than the P35 in almost every aspect. Still, this is a great digital piano for first-timers, people who are just learning to play piano, and people who only play as a hobby as it offers a good balance of price and functionality.

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